Art Supplies

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Brushes and Painting Supplies

Synthetic Brushes (soft, good for all kinds of paint)

Bristle brushes (firmer, generally better for oil and acrylic)

Paper and surfaces

Sketching and drawing

Sketch paper is lighter and better for practice work and beginners.

Drawing paper is a little heavier, and better quality for finished artwork.

Paper for specific mediums

Pastel and Charcoal paper has texture that holds chalky mediums well. For single sheets of Canson Mi-Teintes pastel and drawing paper, see here.

Watercolor Paper is heavy enough to withstand the use of water.

Mixed Media paper is great for experimenting in combining media, including wet and dry.

Bristol paper is multi-ply, making it thick and smooth for a variety of purposes.

We have several other papers collected together, from graph paper to newsprint to colored-pencil paper.


Pre-stretched canvases are easy to paint and hang right up.

Canvas panels are a better option when you know you want to frame your painting- and they're more affordable, too.

Stretching your own canvas is the way to go if you need an odd size or just like to do it yourself. Sometimes it can save money too.