Picture Framing

With over 30 years of framing experience, the staff at Art Plus is ready to help you pick the perfect mat and frame for your artwork. We have hundreds of mats and frames to choose from! Bring us your photo, print, needlework, or other artwork and we will frame it using the best quality materials at the best price. We use archival quality materials to ensure that your framing will look as good years from now as it does the day you pick it up! All framing is done right here on site, your artwork never leaves our store.

Picture Framing FAQ:

Q: How much does picture framing cost?

A: Asking how much picture framing costs is like asking how much a car costs. It all depends. The biggest variables in cost are the size of your picture and the frame you pick out. Other factors include whether or not you want a mat, the style of mat you choose, what type of glass you want, and what method of mounting your artwork requires. We will be happy to try and quote you a price over the phone if you know the size of your artwork, but it will be a broad range. You will get a much more accurate quote if you come in to the store and pick out a frame. There is never any obligation, and quotes are always free.

Q: How long does picture framing take?

A: Again, the best answer is "that depends." The reason it is called custom picture framing is because everything is made especially for you and for your artwork. Having a picture framed is similar to having a piece of furniture made just for you, only it doesn't take as long, every part is hand-done to your specifications. We have several different moulding companies that we buy from, so we generally say three weeks covers the schedule of ordering from everyone. However, if you need something in a hurry, we do keep several choices on hand and also order from a company that delivers to us once a week. Give us a call, or stop by to see what options we have that will accommodate your time frame.

Q: Do you do coupons or have sales for custom framing?

A: No. We believe in having the best price we can, everyday for everyone. Most stores that have coupons mark their prices up, so that when they have a sale, the price is what it should be in the first place. If you have a picture framed at a chain store using a 40 - 50% off coupon, you will usually find that our everyday price matches their discounted price. We have a larger selection to choose from and do all of our work in-house, rather than sending it out like a chain store. We also routinely fix discount framing. Why pay for something twice? Bring it here in the first place.

Ready-made Frames

We have a small but high-quality selection of ready-made frames in a range of standard sizes.

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