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Original Arches Natural White Watercolor Paper has been prized by artists since the founding ofᅠArches in 1492. This legendary paper is still made with natural cotton fibers, carefully selected for their absorbency and durability. Arches paper is mould-made on a cylinder-mould machine which ensures that fibers are not closely aligned but are randomly oriented and densely interwoven in all directions. This adds considerable strength to the paper and produces a natural,ᅠattractively textured surface with the look and feel of a vintage handmade paper.

Each sheet is acid-free, pH-neutral, gelatin-sized to the core, and air-dried. Sheets have 2 natural deckled edges and 2 torn edges, with the Arches watermark and embossed seal on 2 corners.

Arches papers are built on the knowledge and experience of yesterday's craftsmen combined with modern innovation, creating important new features and improvements in the paper's performance. If stored and handled properly, they will remain beautiful and vibrant for centuries.

Cold Press - The cold press finish has a light texture and is the most common watercolor paper finish. It reflects light well, retaining the transparent quality of watercolors. A light tooth makes it easier to achieve certain details. Not just for watercolors, Arches Cold Press is also recommended for gouache, acrylic, dry drawing media, and airbrush.

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